Our Services

Website Design

We can design you a completely custom website based on the needs of your business or organization. We specialize in brochure style websites which are the cheapest and simplest way to get yourself a presence on the internet.

We can also take your existing website and bring it up to date with the latest web styles.

Browser Compatibility
The website will be guaranteed to work and appear correctly with the latest version of Google Chrome, the most commonly used web browser. We can also test with other versions of Chrome and with other web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, etc.) if required. We can also optimize your website to work with tablets and smartphones. We can also validate the web pages against the latest web standards if required.

Site Set Up

If you do not already have hosting provided for your website we can host it or assist with finding suitable hosting.

Domain Name Registration
If you do not already have a domain name we can research suitable names for you and handle all of the registration details.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once your website is complete and uploaded to the web we can continue to maintain it for you. We can make occasional changes charged on an hourly basis or we can build a plan for regular updates into the initial proposal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All of our websites are designed to be searchable using Google. We will also automatically submit the website to Google when completed. If you require further enhancements to improve the search ranking and also to add optimizations for other search engines then we can do this.

Other Services

Graphics and Logos

We can design custom graphics or logos if required which can be used on your website or also for other aspects of your business.


We can provide any photographic services which are needed for your website from product photography to local outdoor scenes.